Barnhouse Farm
Family Owned and Operated farm located in Taylorsville,
near Louisville, Kentucky
Kate says, "If it has a name, IT lives here. Sorry, it's not for sale."   : )
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Susie dog being "Nanny" to
Katahdin bottle baby Lamb.
We arrived in Kentucky November 16th 1998 from England. All we had was 20
acres, a barn and the 4 dogs and 4 cats that came with us.
We soon made friends with the great people that live around here and of
course, having had a farm in England, we started with 2 goats.
13 years on we have grown into a 40 acre farm with sheep, goats, chickens,
geese, guineas and of course, living in this part of the country, horses.

Welcome to Barnhouse Farm, go in and take a look.